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About | Classical Genetics | Timelines | What's New | What's Hot


The Electronic Scholarly Publishing Project: Providing world-wide, free access to classic scientific papers and other scholarly materials, since 1993.


ESP Help 25 Jun 2024 Updated: 

In 2018, the Electronic Scholarly Publishing Project received a complete facelift. All of the old content and functionality were preserved, now wrapped in a new look. Additional features and content were also added.

Here we offer some help with understanding how all of those new pieces work and how they relate to the old design.

About the New Design

The new site design has been built as an augmented version of the old design. That is, all of the old functionality is still there and almost all of that old functionality can still be accessed with the same URL that took you to the material on the old site. Although committing to this stability put a stiff constraint on the new design, we felt that it was important to maintain, as much as possible, the integrity of existing external links that point in to ESP material.

This page provides links to some specific help with the new design.

Help Topics
This gives a full overview of the new site, calling attention to the new content and to the menus and other controls for navigating and using the site.

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In the small "Fly Room" at Columbia University, T.H. Morgan and his students, A.H. Sturtevant, C.B. Bridges, and H.J. Muller, carried out the work that laid the foundations of modern, chromosomal genetics. The excitement of those times, when the whole field of genetics was being created, is captured in this book, written in 1965 by one of those present at the beginning. R. Robbins

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